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10 Mar 2020 17:51:29
Can anyone explain why people are buying all the toilet roll? I don’t get it?

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10 Mar 2020 17:58:51
Because they are arses.

10 Mar 2020 18:04:05
Nor myself.

10 Mar 2020 18:19:50
Because The scaremongers at the bbc told every it was going to be scarce, having bored the arse off everyone for 2 years with brexit, they’re now going hysterical over coronavirus.

10 Mar 2020 18:21:07
I've been hoarding kitchen roll too. I'm not sure what that says about my diet.

10 Mar 2020 18:21:32
People are persons and believe every sensationalised piece of nonsense they see in the media.

But I suppose when the apocalypse finally arrives they'll be able to console themselves with the luxury of having something soft to clean their anuses with. Strange bunch.

10 Mar 2020 18:39:28
Thank f*** I’ve got a bidet 😂.

10 Mar 2020 18:44:33
I,ve started saving my newspapers and crunching them up ,this is what happened !during the war!
As Johnny Cash said. A ring of fire !

10 Mar 2020 18:49:30
2star you’re posh mate, when I 1st saw one of those in a bathroom, I thought it was a water fountain! 😊.

10 Mar 2020 18:58:39
I don't know if now is a good time to mention this but here goes. Many men die of prostate cancer and regular collections are active at many grounds. A simple check with a simple examination band blood test confirms yes or no. One man dies every hour so how many die a year, lots. People don't have checks or even injections for prevention . Football has been running a program for so time now. To let you know l have had treatment for prostate cancer and hopefully overcome it and also suffer with atrial fibrillation, heart chamber problems and philosophical about it . In my first email to set things off l was being ironic not joking with all the stupidity of it all.

10 Mar 2020 19:02:36
The word bidet always makes me laugh. When I was little I loved carry on films, it wasn’t until I was a both 16 (about age I realised what a bidet was) the reason why it was so funny to call a sycophant ‘bidet’.

11 Mar 2020 16:42:21
Citizen Bidet haha and Camembert the big cheese! Quality

11 Mar 2020 20:47:24
That’s him mate! Citizen bidet!



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