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31 Oct 2019 09:00:58
Ps. Could you ever support that team again?

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31 Oct 2019 09:50:24
Sack the one who wasn't driving and integrate the 2 convicted drink drivers back into the squad? Moral compass needs fixing. 😐.

31 Oct 2019 11:58:16
Wonder if the club (Derby) will allow them a pre match drink . vNot on your life .

31 Oct 2019 12:04:14
Their drinking event should have been planned ahead, it can not be that hard to know where they were going to go to then ring for transport to pick them up at a certain time, or to ring for it when they were ready. The devastating effects that drinking and driving can have on the innocent lifes they all should have lengthy bans from football and never be allowed to drive again.

31 Oct 2019 12:15:39
Walking the club did provide club transport home but they declined it.

31 Oct 2019 12:23:44
That shows their characters are dreadful. Their lack of common sense, and disregard for life was shown in their declining the clubs transport.

31 Oct 2019 21:14:55
WTW you and most are missing the point, football has moved on from when players went out after a win and celebrated.
Professional athletes have to stay away from drink if they want to be successful, they shouldn't miss having a drink as they shouldn't even start.
It's the old players like keough that lead them astray when they should lead by example.
Most clubs sign foreign players because of the drinking culture amongst our own players.
Plenty of time for a drink when their careers are over, its something that's being addressed but takes time to come through.

31 Oct 2019 23:25:12
The drivers are an asset on the clubs books and the so called Captain is a liability as he has no sell on value. The decision is unsurprising especially given the club has been grossly overvalued.

Justice would be relegation with the current squad which would just about put them in administration?

01 Nov 2019 02:25:25
Doesn’t matter what age or what year we are in drink driving is an awful crime an it does make matters worse when they are professional athletes, derby can’t put keogh actions in one pot an then forgive Bennett an Lawrence purely cus they not injured an have a resale value, all 3 should of been dismissed or at the very least placed on the transfer list an never played for the club again - but oh well it’s derby ain’t it.

01 Nov 2019 08:57:23
Arran, you’re absolutely spot on with this mate. One out all three out, I personally hope they feel the force of employment laws on this . If Keogh goes they should all go.



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