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21 Sep 2019 18:11:06
Will JC ever look worth the fee ?

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21 Sep 2019 18:30:55
Do one carlo we won and your hit picking,
It's a team effort and he's just come back from injury, enjoy the win and he wasnt the worst by a long way.
Not a time to pick fault it's a time to rejoice in back to back wins and clean sheets that's the foundation for success.

21 Sep 2019 18:34:52
He was class, maybe get your eyes tested?

21 Sep 2019 18:47:59
He played well enough, just ashame he kept slipping.

21 Sep 2019 18:48:58
To answer your question Carlo, yes I think he will be worth fee.

21 Sep 2019 18:50:07
Red tree, carvalho was awful today . He will be class and mostly is but not today. Let’s celebrate a great win tonight! We’re in the top 6 ! You’re having a bash at Carlo but I feel your response is the opposite extreme?

21 Sep 2019 19:07:35
He did play on the wing and he isn't a winger?
But is Silva a good centre midfielder?

21 Sep 2019 19:13:59
As I said before carlo consistency isn't his forte some games he looks good some games he looks terrible only way we will get 13 million back from him is if olympiacos buy him that's just my opinion answering your question but hey ho we don't need him week out the squad looks great all over happy days 😁🍻🍻.

21 Sep 2019 19:34:38
Skeggs he's the real deal, Silva is the problem, he has to be taken off in every game as he is very inconsistent.

But as a squad Lamouchi is rotating things nicely with lolley totally out of form as well, we are moving along nicely.

21 Sep 2019 19:44:48
I think we have to give some credit to Barnsley, they came here with a plan to stop us playing, but the character and team spirit in this squad is the best I’ve seen in years.
It’s not going to champagne football in this league and in some games it’s going to be a scrappy.
And as to the valuations of players, the higher up in the league we are-bigger the value. Onwards and upwards.

21 Sep 2019 19:52:03
Carlo sadly some on here are blinded by the odd flick that goes in the right direction Overall he has yet to justify his fee you are correct in what you say,

21 Sep 2019 19:53:35
Still don’t think JC is up to match fitness yet. However he is a class act.

21 Sep 2019 20:12:54
Football is a matter of opinions,I only asked the question ,I personally don,t think the championship is the place for him,it,s very demanding and highly competitive,a tough place for anybody who needs time on the ball and space.

21 Sep 2019 20:26:01
Some people are blinded by 13 million. It’s actually not a lot of money as far as championship and Premier League go. Appiah 8 mil, Brereton 7 mil, Burke 13 mil etc Better business than any of them. Let the club worry about the finance. If you think he’s crap, good for you but he isn’t. We’d have got nothing from the Preston game if he hadn’t come on and opened the door for Adomah.

21 Sep 2019 20:35:29
Sos carlo but he doesn't spend time on the ball he looks to move it quickly it will all come together as a team and the wingers will change each game depending whose on form.
We are doing far better than expected my friend so enjoy, it can't and won't be all glitz and glamour but it's a results game and we are in there till the death.
Lamouchi is the real deal wr are going up.

21 Sep 2019 19:51:02
Spot on Carlo, totally useless no pace just a load of fancy flicks that didn't come off. Lamouchi doesn't suffer fools that why he dragged him off. Definitely won't be in the starting eleven next league match.

21 Sep 2019 21:09:53
Awful but put it on a plate for grabban and managed to switch play which led to us scoring our goal. All whilst playing on the wing.

21 Sep 2019 21:09:57
Perks 10 maybe you should read posts properly I never said he was crap, just stating an opinion that he hasn’t justified a transfer fee which is over 2and a half times our previous club record he can pick a pass now and again, but never grabs a game by the scruff of the neck and runs it.

21 Sep 2019 21:25:56
Agree without his moment of vision Preston was 0-1 as no one else would have seen the pass . Today passed him by for sure but it passed Lolley and Grabban by as well.

21 Sep 2019 21:30:27
Red balloons he dragged Silva off first, why was that?
Saving him?
No just trying something different and out of the two Silva was playing his true position while carvalho had to play as a winger.
Got three games in seven days so don't read too much into it.
Prefer carvalho to Silva in centre all day long, he'll score more and assist more it's that simple.

21 Sep 2019 21:55:28
Stevie why so defensive? If you read mine properly you would see I never referred to you. But while you’re at it surely by now you don’t honestly expect Carvalho to grab games by the scruff of the neck. He definitely needs to add more goals to his game but not many teams have that player that in a moment can change a game.

21 Sep 2019 22:46:15
Perks 10 yeah sorry mate no offence meant.

21 Sep 2019 23:02:33
Well now you have all had your say on our Midfield Magician, he will be the guy who is the difference at the business end of the season to get us up!

Cloughie would have loved him and got the best out of him.

My prediction is he will be Player of the Season. We are slowly building and our slick counter attacking game will start to click when Carvalho is fully match fit and Bostock is slotted in then we will step up several levels.

We look solid now and have quality in the squad to cover any defensive injuries to maintain the SL style of play to get a result.

This is our season to be cheerful!


22 Sep 2019 06:44:56
Carvahlo is a cog in Lamouchis well engineered machine.
To say is crap etc is unfair.
It only takes a flash of brilliance to turn a game around.
We won yet people aren't satisfied unless they moan.
Enjoy the dizzy heights of looking down at the 🐑.
Lamouchi and some signings have proved myself and others wrong.
Stop whining and enjoy the climb as we climb the league.

22 Sep 2019 08:35:57
Haha, anyone being negative towards JC is having a laugh. Firstly if you weren't at the CG yesterday to see him put in an absolute shift, in a position he isn't familiar with then do one. He was up and down the wing all day helping out defensively. He was fantastic and gave 110%. Just come back from injury. This team needs players like JC. Maybe some of us want a team of boring journeymen like MON was hoping to put together.

22 Sep 2019 09:54:15
I honestly think some people would be happier with Osborn in that position 🙄.

22 Sep 2019 10:14:04
Redtree well done for twisting a discussion completely on its head.

22 Sep 2019 10:48:04
Stevie believe it or not comments on this forum aren’t always aimed at you. I think you need to think about that for a minute or two. 😂.

22 Sep 2019 11:16:27
Redtree I am talking about the way Carlo’s simple question of does carvallho live up to his fee, was twisted by one or 2 on here into ‘is he crap or not’ as I said the discussion was some what altered by some who think carvallho can do no wrong, one or two are happy to have a pop at silva who probably played the ball of the afternoon yesterday in the 1st half, he’s Called inconsistent though,

22 Sep 2019 14:33:42
Lol 13 million pounds really I reckon he's a magician as well he puts trances on certain fans to make him look like Ronaldo lol get a grip on here carlo asked a simple question and everyone is entilted to answer back with there own opinion my opinion is he's no where near worth 13 million he's had plenty of time in the championship to prove it he's to inconsistent that's my opinion and I don't give a rats ass what you think of what I've said lol 🙄😁.

22 Sep 2019 16:19:53
Stevie read up people have said he’s awful.

22 Sep 2019 17:10:12
Redtree all we seem to get are extreme views one way or the other it seems to me.



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