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05 Aug 2019 17:51:06
I have to say I'd rather a half decent British manager who would take a punt on some younger British blood from lower down the leagues. Now I'm not going all Lamouchi out and all that type of thing and yes we invested in Clough Cummings ect but did they really get the chance to shine for prolonged periods of time? . Of course I'm not saying they were the answer and could have been brilliant. But maybe a striker who has scored consistently for a few seasons who just needs coaching to fine tune his skills higher up the leagues. Or a midfielder who has put his foot into a few nuts further down the leagues who needs help beefing up and help to time his runs or tackles better as players higher up are that bit sharper or quicker. Yes we employed the breadman and Oneil but hardly gave them a consistent period of time to get it right. Again not saying they were the answer think I'm just desperate for someone ANYONE TO GET IT FRICKING RIGHT. Of course Lamouchi could turn out to be an inspired choice but I bet his bum is squeaking already wonder wat squeaky bum time is in French lol.

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05 Aug 2019 18:22:07
I thought clough might have had something, Cummins was and is a waste of space.

05 Aug 2019 18:27:22
Temps couin GIG. May wee Rodders. God I need to get out more 😂😂.

05 Aug 2019 18:37:53
LMFAO RB thanks for that I'll use it when we sitting bottom at the end of August 🤣😂🤣😂.

05 Aug 2019 18:40:20
Yes stevie I thought clough mite of had something too. 4 goals in first 8 games and also nearly forgot he scored against the shaggers wat a fairy story that would have been if he turned out to be a class player.

05 Aug 2019 18:44:00
Clough, why would anyone sack a manager after 2 weeks of pre season? Mon had the passion and experience. Ppl say dinasaur yet look at roy hodgson? To not give mon the respect of a full summer to stamp his authority and style was simply awful. If it was not down to player power then it was marikanakis wreckless and trigger happy with absolutely no grace or business accumen what so ever. don't mention his day job as that is no measure. Controvesy surrounds his every move including olympiacos.
Rebuilding the city ground? What a laugh. He will not spend that sort of money on a club in div 2. Get to the prem then start on the infrastrucure. The money being spent on the team is paultry and that is where you need your investment. I was utterly shocked when mon was sacked both in the timing and how quick a replacement was installed. Had oneil gone to make way for a warnock or big sam then you would think, well he is not p#ssing around anymore its sh#t or bust. Were you underwhelmed or empathetic with oneils treatment? How can you build team spirit when all around is chaos, a massive squad of averageness and what appears hope rather than direction. The crap that we are being linked with speaks a thousand words. Call me a whinging moaner i deserve it. But that is how i see it.

05 Aug 2019 19:13:54
Woah woah woah slow your horses lol and breath, do you feel better now you got that off your chest rudders? I completely agree Mr O'neil was treated appallingly not just because he is a club legend the same goes for all the other managers since Fakwad days. Someone said in my previous post Oneill living off his reputation as a legend for Forest what a load of baloney. O'Neil living off his reputation as a good manager, old yes would it have been more ideal if he joined 10 years ago? probably but it didn't do Warnock any harm did it! The fact O'Neil was a hero of the club makes his treatment worse but don't give him the job in the first place if you don't believe in him. If you sign a manager the commitment surely has to be there right? The likes of Chelsea mite get away with it because money talks but not at Forest. I don't believe the money is paltry, well last season at least but surely if you invest best part of 30 million and nearly half that on one player you have to believe without a shadow of a doubt the manager you employ will get it right. Seventh place and sack him is not the answer again he made some dodgy decisions but think behind the scenes they took a massive Mr Blobby from a great height on to him.

05 Aug 2019 19:14:48
Very good post Rutland.

05 Aug 2019 19:50:36
Look at the directive from marikinakis. ITS PREMEIRSHIP nothing more nothing less. So if that is your only goal then would you risk mediocrity? Nothing in life is guaranteed or easy. But you can buy seasoned experience with as near as damn it guarantees. Karanka was a gamble as he was out of work for a while after bring sacked. His reign at boro was very interesting but not sustainable, as it turned out with us. An oneil, warnock, big Sam, do it their way and have masses of success under their belt. Oneil made sense, a lot of sense. It never promised to be pretty but he knew what was necessary at this level. Its more in the type of player they would bring to the club and look at the type oneil got in at short notice? And compare that to what is being dragged in now?
Skeggs yourself and the likes of 2star are always endorcing stability! If any manager deserved the luxury of time it was oneil. Can you or anyone see lamochi lasting with this recruitment policy Look a win at leeds and i may have egg splattered on my face, it could happen, but it all seems haphazard and desperate trent side. If oneil lost the dressing room after 3 wins on the bounce but players moaning about having to run for their living? How long will the fragile lamouchi get after a few defeats. BOOT. The king is dead long live the king😂.

05 Aug 2019 20:34:43
Another good un rutland.

05 Aug 2019 21:18:32
Cant see Lamouchi lasting as long as it takes to brew a cup of tea to be honest. I really thought O'Neill would be given this season but should have known better. As I said maybe Lamouchi will get it right and be the one but I was extremely sad that not only did O'Neil get the bullet but they had a replacement in the wings waiting before they shut the CG doors on O'Neil. To be honest there's a few legends of the club that have been treated badly in recent years. there's moving on and not living on your reputation as a once king of Europe team with arguably the greatest manager to grace the game especially at a modest club such as Forest were at the time. But history should be remembered and those players put Forest on the map and should have that respect.

05 Aug 2019 21:26:30
Gazzibaldi i just keep asking why would you do it this way. Us reds are realistic and are not beying for the prem. We are in a mess. So would we not be better forgetting about promotion and concentrate on getting our house in order. Regroup, in a timely manner clear the decks. Get a manager who will keep us competitive in this league and set out to create a feeling of stability with direction. The right personelle, attitude and team spirit will go a long way. If it leads to the prem then brilliant. But every season building up head of steam like the reds from merseyside " this is our year " is pointless and groundless. The recruitment policy descends like the fog from the trent.

05 Aug 2019 22:58:53
Very interesting reading. My take on it is that our owner shot himself in the foot last January.

We lost a very good DoF in Luke Dowling to WBA and EM elected to move over one of his trustees rather than recruiting a top DoF to support Karanka who if you remember identified issues with players attitude and wanted to sort it?

Had he backed his manager we would have finished higher than we did and probably in the play offs based on AK's record and points haul at Christmas.

With all due respect to MON he was never going to deliver at Championship level as his grasp of knowledge of the squad and league was found wanting from Day 1?

We have gone backwards in the last 9 months and while Lamouchi may be a talented coach our recruitment policy is now recycling a very similar standard of player between owner clubs to ensure we do not breach FFP instead of coaching to get the best out of what we have?

Unfortunately we have set out on a course of wholesale change again rather than making a few key quality additions and going again from last season?

Had our owner just stuck instead of twist we could have purchased a £20m striker instead of paying out for all his DoF's next best things?

05 Aug 2019 22:26:38
Chris sutton agrees rutland.

05 Aug 2019 22:34:42
Cloughie you say he's spent 30 million, he's also received
15 mill for assombalonga
7 mill for brereton
3 mill for Osborn.
So it's not that black and white mate.
He has wasted a lot on failures in wages though.

05 Aug 2019 23:18:21
I'm with you on that post red, the signs were already there when sacking warbo in the first place though.
I know you didn't rate warbo, but to be fair to the bloke he lost his best striker for 15 million and was refused 3 million to buy McGinn.
Always best to make three or four additions at a time to integrate into a squad, the way marinakis goes about it brings no harmony to the club.

06 Aug 2019 04:26:00
I’d take him over Lamouchi any day.



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