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01 Aug 2019 12:50:57
We are obviously becoming a magnet for duds everywhere.

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01 Aug 2019 13:15:13
Two year contract.

01 Aug 2019 14:05:17
Magnet for duds?

Not sure whether you mean players or fans, but I definitely agree with one of those.

01 Aug 2019 14:19:12
I would never call our fans duds.

01 Aug 2019 16:23:39
Why not call fans duds? Out of blind support? Why not offer that blind support to the club as well, instead of moaning?

Faithful enough to never criticize a fellow Reds fan, but not able to extend that faith to the actual club? Seems strange to me.

Then again, I've never understood football fans. They're as irrational as they are fickle.

01 Aug 2019 17:09:40
Stevesutton, because the whole point of this site is differing opinions, if everyone agreed with everything the club said and did, where would the talking points be? if you think everything at the club is perfect, and want to be led by the nose fair enough, but others like to air an opinion, which as I said is the whole point of this site you seem to like to sneer at, and insult people who disagree with you, well we are all forest fans on here, and on Saturday will get behind the team, and on Sunday will probably all have different opinions on the merits of the performance, but that’s what ALL football fans are like not just forest fans.

01 Aug 2019 21:20:46
Well said stevie, i love it when they call it moaning, aren't they actually moaning that someone is moaning?
When someone has an opinion that's different it's not moaning it's an expression of how you they see things. As long as you support the side on a match day without booing or attacking individuals that is what really matters.
The fans that annoy me the most are the ones leaving the ground with 20 mins or 10 mins remaining just to beat the traffic, why bother going in the first place, its like watching a film and missing the end.

01 Aug 2019 21:40:03
Yes, Stevie, that's exactly what I was doing - Sharing a differing opinion with another fan. As you say, that's why we're here. He thinks we've signed duds without seeing them in the shirt, I've pointed out that fans can be duds too, with irrational and fickle behaviour. Does that not conform to your idea of exchanging differing points of view? Apologies. And further apologies for arguing with your mate, but your whole post is illogical and hypocritical.

And cheers, Fff79 - For moaning about my recent moaning, regarding bsered and Stevie f moaning previously. Good stuff. The more the merrier x x.

01 Aug 2019 22:00:19
No you were jumping on the opinion of anyone who dared to disagree with your view that it is disloyal to question , or criticise anything the club does or says, they are all moaners to point out that everything at the club is not perfect, which it self evidently isn’t, you try to stifle debate like some tin pot dictator,

01 Aug 2019 22:03:55
Always happy to help wonkeyeyes 😁
Seriously though looking forward to the season, but just being honest when saying haven't got to clue what to expect.

01 Aug 2019 22:10:50
Eye eye can see some aren't feeling the love 😘😘😘.



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