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19 Jun 2019 10:18:27
How about this for a HOOFBALL team this season





Absolutley no creativity in the side what so ever BUT what a fantastic MON hoofball team!

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19 Jun 2019 10:31:54
Posts like to his are no addition to this site you would have been better off naming a team you would like to see next season,and the MON bashing is getting old too, if you not willing to show support to the team and management why support the club in the 1st place,through thick and thin we all support this fantastic club we are going to have a great future new stadium new players new memories hopefully from the premier league

19 Jun 2019 10:50:26
Saw every game home and away last season and have supported the side since 1970 and I consistently posted positive team suggestions throughout last season!

Being honest I am not a big MON fan but I do love this club and want us to get back to playing the Forest way.That post was tongue in cheek but does highlight my worry about what our style of play this season will be.

I was a big SOD and AK fan because they imo played the game the right way and both went when we were 7th in the table!!

19 Jun 2019 11:21:01
You were a big ak fan yet want to get back to playing the forest way massive contradiction there, sorry but was such negative defensive football, I'm waiting for mon to get a squad of his players before making judgement but I don't think he is as old fashioned as some are making out, i can see the 3 5 2 being used more as that formation finished so well

19 Jun 2019 11:30:35
Why do you assume MON is going to play " hoofball" ?
His teams over the years have played decent football but this assumption on his style has only come from managing Ireland where he has had to impose a style of play to reflect the very limited creative resources available.
He is not stupid and knows we will need to be able to adapt tactics to get out of this league and if that means playing long ball football with 14 6' 2"+ giants against the likes of Millwall et al to stop us getting rolled over then that's fine by me!

19 Jun 2019 13:32:13
Redinexile. The manager has been kept by the club so he deserves our support when the season starts, I agree with you about his International team but with a team that contained Lolley, and Carvalho, in midfield, and a striker like Grabben who likes the ball on the floor, why did the manager get the team to play hoofball as some like to call it.

19 Jun 2019 14:03:50
Grabban was mostly injured and unavailable to Martin and to be fair to Martin he game nearly everyone a chance to show what they could do.
He could only Murphy or ansarfarad in most games so the tactics dictated themselves as bonatini didn't cut the mustard or was match fit.
If you go back to the reading game it was Simon Ireland that first dropped carvalho and managers often take the coaches advice when first coming into a job.

19 Jun 2019 14:49:49
No point criticising MON. Yes he messed up not playing Carvs but that season is over. Hes not being sacked so may as well back him. Gain nothing from negativity at the start of the season. This coming from not his biggest fan. Yacob is too 1 dimensional and getting on and Bena is reckless. I expect us to get some younger, fresher players in.

19 Jun 2019 20:42:34
My kids have become really interested in watching the clough era wherever we can find it. I too have enjoyed it, interspersed in the forest footage is inevitably some derby footage - his derby team were a great side it has to be said .

At no point do I see any of his defenders messing around with it at the back , I see a keeper who kicks the ball out not rolls , many different keepers over many years. There seems to be some questionable memories over what the clough style actually was.

19 Jun 2019 21:52:59
The clough style
It was a successful style where every player knew his job,they weren't necessarily the best players but they complimented each other.
It was based on the best goalkeeper you can get a central defensive pairing that understood each other,two fullback that could defend but went forward with purpose.
Two wingers that could hurt the opposition but also be niggly in the tackle,one holding midfielder,one creative goalscorer in midfield and two strikers who formed a partnership.
The perfect formula for that era.



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