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11 Oct 2019 09:15:35
Well done Sabri, a very much deserved manager of the month award. Sabri J'ardore!

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01 Oct 2019 21:57:56
Things are going well wouldn't want to be a spurs fan tonight that's what I call embarassing, 🤣🤣🤣.

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02 Oct 2019 21:02:16
At the risk of being censored by the politically correct brigade the missing bit to the new Spurs stadium is a wailing wall! 😱🤣🤣🤣.

27 Sep 2019 21:01:06
Nathan Jones is a headless chicken under pressure. The game is ours so long as we do not cock it up as the pressure will get to Stoke the longer the game goes on!

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27 Sep 2019 23:36:50
Just love it when a plan comes together. Well played Sabri with the tactics and game management.

27 Sep 2019 14:54:13
Having read more detail into the Derby drink driving fiasco i am more than disgusted. Interested to know how much over the limit these players were. Keogh is finished hopefully, Club captain? Total prat.
The 2 drivers should and hopefully will face prison sentences. Derby spoiled their harsh statenent by saying they hope to help them back into the team. Sorry but this is an incident of the most shameful kind and the discipline should be of the severist and damming. Prison, club suspension then sacking and a hefty fine for staining Derby county football club. Little sympathy for the club this arrogant wreckless behaviour is abhorant.

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27 Sep 2019 22:57:45
The club actively promotes The Captain's Bar on its website with old horse face as it's branding. There is nothing like leading by example?

It's now set up nicely for Rooney to be the new Captain face of Direby and he will be there pulling more than pints!

The DCFC ethos is rotten to the core and any auditor worth his salt will expose the over inflated valuation of the ground . If the EFL is going to be fit for purpose under Parry they should be placed behind Bury in the queue for readmission into the league after being sanctioned?

27 Sep 2019 12:13:32
I know it's not relevant to this forum, but as well as a reds supporter, I am also a life long follower of Notts CCC, and have just read that in a couple of days they are having their end of season awards. This has got to be a joke, after the season they have had, and none of them deserve anything. If Newell and Moore's had managed a football club they would have been sacked long before now.

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22 Sep 2019 19:59:42
I understand the redevelopment of the stadium will cost in the region of 100 million. Does anyone know where this money will be generated.

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23 Sep 2019 19:50:06
It will be borrowed from either the owner or bank. The development will then return the money. Some of the development is luxury housing, there will be corporate and hospitality revenue and higher ticket sales.

23 Sep 2019 21:16:55
Do not worry EM will be sending you a stamped address envelope for you to turn your share of the bill to watch our great club rise again!

11 Sep 2019 23:47:15
It seems that the smell of corruption at Anderlect and the Vanden Stock family ownership will not go away? Convicted of bribery to deny us a UEFA Cup final they are now linked to money laundering arrests of agents following the transfer of Mitrovic from Anderlect to Newcastle also under their ownership at the time.

If guilty these guys need their assets stripped and jailing. Disgusting!

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12 Sep 2019 22:53:54
What else would you expect as Brussels is the most corrupt place full of nobodies making decisions like not cleaning windows from a ladder.
How a proxy small country like Belgium is the home of the European parliament says it all, corruption goes hand in hand over there, just kick the club out of Europe for good.

13 Sep 2019 09:21:09
So that's why I have not seen the village window cleaner for months?

14 Sep 2019 08:33:06
Hey Ff. I coached professionally in Spain pal. Corruption is a national sport over there.
If you add that to how racist they are too it's a lethal cocktail.

18 Sep 2019 19:58:06
Redinexile shall I nip round? I still use ladders!

18 Sep 2019 21:21:05
Yes please I seem to be developing vertigo in my old age despite the pilates?

02 Sep 2019 09:39:46
🎣🦈😁🍻 Happy days u reds.

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03 Sep 2019 16:25:09
Haven't you got an emoji Hot tub Skegs?


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