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21 Sep 2017 00:12:16
Watch when forest scored, bearing in mind we were 5 nil down and it was the last kick, look at the celebration from them, true fans. Just happy to see us get a goal, stop the criticism and get behind the club like them and you never know what can happen.

Negativity gets you nowhere in life and yes you can turn round and say told you, but that's easy when your negative because the odds are stacked in your favour.
Only one side can win a league and someone has to relegated,We can't all be successful,but we all want to be, it's life.

We have new owners ;new manager, let it roll,give it time,stop trying to tell him you know better, likelihood is? you don't.
Support this great club,get behind them,or we chop and change and get nowhere.
It really is that simple

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21 Sep 2017 01:10:29

The fans were happy because the players tried their best. No more no less a fan than most!They like all of us will all have an opinion on how we can do better when they see it with their own eyes?

With very few exceptions everyone is behind the team and management but fans will not follow blindly like sheep if things and selections are clearly not working?

MW is not stupid and refreshingly is clearly trying to keep fans on side in his press briefings so a little constructive criticism should help keep him on his toes in managing everyones expectations?

However, he like us has to be realistic and more pragmatic in what is offered up on the pitch and all should not run before walking with the style of play?

We are all in this together that's the simple bit everyone gets but we all know that we are capable of better performances?

Its not that simple being a Forest fan!

21 Sep 2017 01:44:35
Shame you can't add new defence to your list i'm not referring to night but all of last season and so far in this season same defence same mistakes and short comings different owners different managers different tactics same defensive record same defenders I can only see one constant In this problem and that's the back 4 i'm not being a moaner just a realist our defence never has been and never will be good enough all great teams have been built from the back not the other way round

21 Sep 2017 02:06:11
Pity there wasn't a second leg. we could have turned it around!!! 😋😋😋

21 Sep 2017 05:40:37
Ff79 i keep saying it. The club has been saved yes. Are we happy with the structure put in place?? Yes. But the playing field is the shop window and its not selling itself. Chop and change that's a constant even pm got slaughtered for this and he was under the control of fawaz. Defensively we are still brittle and from midfield we have no conviction or leader. I am and never have been convinced by warbo. Brentford let him go as they wanted to go in a different direction. That says a lot about him and his attitude!!!!

21 Sep 2017 06:06:41

21 Sep 2017 08:16:41
And so starts the "sack Warburton " campaign,
Knew it wouldn't take long.

21 Sep 2017 09:20:14
No one on here has said sack warburton. What is being said is thst he is one dimensional. He seems lacking in defence knowledge and dithers over his captain. He sticks with his favs and does not see the obvious. The signs were there in his last half dozen matches of last season of defensive frailties, nothing has improved in this department. He has wheeled and dealed in thd transfer market. Well its his team now, ths fans have bought into him and the team. let's see if hs can deliver from now until january. Villa is a great test as it seems most of the squad is fit. Villa are struggling to score and are ripe for conceding let's get at em!!!!!!

21 Sep 2017 15:23:58
Rutland when you say Brentford sacked him as they wanted to go in a different direction,well they have,from the top six finish he achieved,backwards and are now really struggling in the relegation that didn't workout.



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