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12 Apr 2019 09:55:18
All the way through Karanka's tenure I remember reading posts on here that were less than complimentary regarding his playing style and his signings. Towards the end of his time, as results became more dissappointing, the vitriol and name calling ( especially regarding the man's ethnicity) would more often than not, take me aback! I am now regularly reading similar comments regarding Martin, which I also find inflammatory and distasteful to say the very least!

I well remember the glory years and I get the bit about disappointment very well indeed. There is no getting away from the fact that as a football club and as a business we have been poorly run for a very long time indeed! Playing the blame game, at this juncture is futile. Martin was brought in at a time when results and morale were in a downward spiral and was afforded minimal time to make signings during the January window. I too am disappointed with results of late, but I have to remind myself that we are still dragging ourselves out of the quagmire that was our last TWENTY years or more.

So, say some on here get their wish and Martin and Roy along with the entourage of scouting and coaching staff are dismissed forthwith. Oh! I know! Another fresh start! Another new beginning! . How long then, does the new guy get before us as fans start to say the same things all over again? In this age of social media I feel that WE have the power to help elevate ourselves from this self perpetuating malaise in which we find ourselves.

I don't have a crystal ball, nor do I own the gun with the magic bullet, but history has repeatedly shown us in the starkest terms that treating managers like disposable cups (couldn't think of a better analogy, sorry) is not the answer! I think my point is, let's give our man until the end of the season, at least! Oh, and a little less of the name calling.

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12 Apr 2019 11:21:49
Nigel Clough, he’s our man until he isn’t .

12 Apr 2019 11:45:29
There is a lot in what you say S_Getty and I for one go along with your sentiments. We all so desparately want the phoenix to rise from the ashes but for me the most salient point you make is regarding the off field situation which was for a considerable time chaotic at best.

One thing most people would agree on is that it appears at the moment that we have an owner who , for whatever reasons , has good intentions towards us and it is to be hoped that this carries on for some time and will begin to be matched on the field.

12 Apr 2019 12:34:13
Agreed creepy1. I am for ever the optimist. Though sometimes not sure whether it's a blessing or a curse!

12 Apr 2019 12:59:14
I wear the self same hat :)

12 Apr 2019 14:28:53
Good post Getty but just giving him until the seaon end is more fuel to the fire. We need to give him until he thinks he cannot deliver. He needs to be allowed to seive out the deadbeats and reduce the size of the squad. Allowed time to bring in the type of men who understand his ethos. This will take time. Precious time. Just think how poor the squad is and the injuries we have had. Some players martin has not even seen on the field, soudani, Dawson and byram. Injuries and suspension to a an already suspect back four, feguraido, hefelle, we have a poor right bsck in Darikwa,janko, robinson has his moments but something not right with him, you move up the field and other than lolley where is the threat going forward. Its a shambles and it can only be improved by a clearout and at least another season of rebuilding gelling.
Martin has only signed for 18 months so if he has the support its next seson or bust as he said he walks if they are not in prem. Its all too desperate from the owner and he should step back and look st the reality that we cannit reach the prem with this sort of pressure and constant change. Trust in Oneil and ask him to stsy beyond the agreement and start building the strongest foundations. Being competitve and consistant in this league should be the aim. The reward that comes with thst will take care of itself

12 Apr 2019 15:16:57
Absolutely agree keep with MoN he and Roy have great emotional ties to our club. They both are footballers of reknown and MoN a great manager. Age is no barrier ( Warnock ! ) . I hope and expect we will finish just outside the playoffs and be a steady ship next season. If Lolley stays it will be entirely due to MoN. We need to sort out who plays as centre back. I would suggest Milosevic and Joe with Figs and Dawson as reserves. Robinson and Byram. Pants I can’t decide about. Mid Ryan, Yacob . Watson, Cash Bridcutt ( will he play tomorrow? ) Osborne Pele Lolley ( no Colback too exp ) Carvalho Appiah Walker Grabban ?? B Johnson and a investment to get Britt back ???

12 Apr 2019 17:41:36
Agree regards the name calling, borderline xenophobia. As for MON, he has a reputation for a certain style, so why are we shocked? In a nutshell, club and owner's high expectations, combined with an eggshell manager, key injuries in defence and an impending dof recruitment. Boom, watch a season of potential and prospects implode before our eyes. Manager spits dummy, form dips at worst possible time and eventually he agrees a managed walk out. Enter stage right, MON and shortly to follow RK. Club legends, fan's appeased and 'McGovern's' work is done. Club sorts ticket prices, City Ground full and the illusion that all is well is restored. Then reality bites, bloated squad of AK type players either can't or won't adapt to MON's vision of football. Results take a turn, top 6 dream evaporates before fans eyes and another season of if's, but's and maybe's rears it's ugly head. Frustrations lead to calls for another change and name calling of club legends. The Forest madness continues. I don't think the change was right but it happened. I don't think MON was the right manager but he's here. I will always support Forest but please will someone at the club, have the balls and patience to stop the madness. FTID.



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