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09 Apr 2019 22:46:33
Shipping goals like 'billy-o' now. All AK's work being unpicked. Looks like the owners plan of changing the manager for a fresh push to the premier League earlier this yr' has backfired.
For a while under AK we had some stability & now dross football (cheers MON) with uncertainty.
Carvalhlo who?

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09 Apr 2019 23:44:58
Stated at the time it should have been Jokanovic. Was advised by some on here that we could not afford him but we are now paying for MON and RK plus a DOF who in my opinion does nothing but micro manage so looks like we could have afforded Jokanovic after all. What concerns me is how the owner made the decision to hire them because let's face it they don't have a good track record

09 Apr 2019 23:59:08
Agreed Fighter pilot. Think we would be in a better position playing better football under Krankie than the tripe we are seeing now. Yes the football Karanka played sometimes wasn’t the best but it was a damn sight better than this crap. Talking of ‘billy-o’, unfinished business part 3 anyone? We’ve not had any decent football since he left.

10 Apr 2019 00:13:27
Aks work has landed us in this mess.
The owners should never have trusted him.
Cast your mind back to when he first came?
We went away to wolves expecting defeat and we won and won well.
Next game we went to hull in the fa cup and lost.
Toys out the pram falls out with the majority of players and panic buys on the last day of the transfer window in January.
Fans on here were getting excited,great signings?
They were all garbage barring one.
We went on the worst run in the history of the club for not scoring and he'll probably go down in history for that stat.
Comes the summer we sign another shed load of past it's or could be's.
We get the usual Greek gifts that are crap,we have players like Osborn who has the best engine I've seen in years but no vision.
Ak bought all of this crap to the club,so if you call that stability then that's your choice,I call a disaster and it's going to set us back a few years.
Ffp will be looming with all these stupid overrated and past it players being bought to this club.

10 Apr 2019 07:08:34
When AK was here we were hard to beat, and you could see that the players were enjoying there football, granted there were too many draws and it was obvious we needed another striker to help Grabban, now there’s just hit and hope and no real plan, we are playing old style football and you can say it’s all the dross players but earlier in the season not only did we match the top eight sides in this league we also beat most of them,
For the first time in ages the fans started to get excited then whatever happened in early December has costs us dearly again. And I say this again there are people at our club who have been there to long sticking the noses in and there fingers as well that need to be moved on, because they’ve been causing problems for the past twenty years.

10 Apr 2019 07:13:50
It seems to me that all these loan signings are due to FFP and a way of trying to get round it. I don't think AK or any of the previous managers or MON had a say in who was signed. We also gambled with the 3 Portuguese signing and lost.

10 Apr 2019 07:16:01
Ff,You keep spouting on about Karanka bringing in dross and the imbalance of the squad but this team was competing well early doors. Remember West Brom in the first game? Some of the best football I've seen in years.
A good manager would get a tune out of this lot. Look at Bruce. Wednesday were awful under Luhukay and had the worst defenses in the championship. Bruce comes in and with the same squad has one defeat in twelve games with 8 clean sheets.
Defensive injuries have blighted our season along with the constant changing of managers.

10 Apr 2019 08:31:17
Okay Ff let me remind you of your post of the 01st of December and I quote.

They all had a good game today,I've seen the light I'm a krankie believer.
Seriously guys we are genuine challengers and I've been seriously entertained the last four games as well.
Hope,no I don't, think we'll get promotion.
Well done redinexile,you called it and it is getting better and exciting to watch.



10 Apr 2019 08:56:45
Demis towards the end of his tenure Preston qpr and millwall didn’t find us hard to beat we beat Leeds in the end but only after being outplayed for long periods by 10 men , then the disastrous substitution at Norwich, bored the backside off everyone in a free hit game at Chelsea, I actually wanted him to stay but he spat his dummy out and walked, ( not for the 1st time) let’s not make him sound better than he was

10 Apr 2019 11:54:18
Mickn at the time we looked like we were just about to turn a corner,but it never materialised and December and Jan went down hill.
I always give credit to a good display my friend no matter who the manager.
Injuries have been a factor but when you have a Massive squad you should be able to cope,when grabban lolley Dawson or figs were injured there was no back up,just numbers

10 Apr 2019 12:14:57
Your missing my point Stevie, when we make progress there are elements at the club who get involved for there own benefit they did it with Billy Warbo and Aitor and then they suggest Managers to appease and blind the fans.

10 Apr 2019 12:48:24
I'll say it, McGovern.

10 Apr 2019 13:48:53
Red Fred Bruce might be on a good start at Wednesday,but he couldn't stop villa shipping goals with a much better squad and paid the price for it.
For all we know Milosevic and Bonatini might be injured,it's not like we get the best info from the club on injuries.
West Brom I remember well and we were superb for sixty minutes,but could have lost in the end with WBA pelting pur goal.
We should have beaten villa and Norwich away,but we weren't capable of shutting up shop,just not good enough consistently,that comes from bringing in too many players in one year.



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