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15 Mar 2019 15:03:31
I get the feeling that there is a split camp over carvalho this season it seems a large part of the crowd at the cg seem to like him, but I get a feeling on here it's more of a divide. Well I'm in the we needed to see more from him and he just can't get to grips with the championship brigade. For me he hasn't justified the record signing fee and as he must be our highest paid player it's not gud enuff. See maybe he is a gud 20 minute cameo player and that's ok if it was an established prem team paying 13 million for a cameo player with potential. But I bet when forest forked out that lolley they weren't paying that for a part-time player and were probably expecting a bit of a Ruben Neves. The trouble is for me he plays more like a Berbatov type a bit of a luxury player, something we cannot afford to be messing with right now. Does he deserve a chance next season? Will he be able to adapt to the physical grafting of the championship and be able to take players on? Personally if Olympiacos bid 13 million for him 😁😁 I'd say see you later alligator. The other night was his big chance to show he can cope with it, apart from a few nice passes I don't remember him ever taking a player on but plenty of times getting the ball robbed from him. If I could just see something I'd hold out sum hope for him but I never do.

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15 Mar 2019 15:28:55
If we were a PL team and brought Carvalho in for that price i would have said paying £13m is not ideal but he should be given time to prove himself.

NOTTINGHAM FOREST however have been stuck in the Championship a long time and Carvalho cost more than double the cost of a proven Championship goal scorer, that is not good business, always too much of a gamble.

Now we have got him we have to hope he listens, learns from Keane, and toughens up over the summer.

15 Mar 2019 15:29:04
Playing alongside ansafarad or Murphy won't bring the best out if him,think you'll find his fee is over three seasons and you have to remember he wasn't part of bemfica first team,this is his first proper season at a proper level,he's shown on quite a few occasions he has ability and a goal in him,doubt he's the highest earner either,try grabban and Murphy for that.
You have to give the kid a chance,he's come into a club and playing for a side that's been thrown together and other than lolley and grabban,the rest aren't on the same wavelength.
So drop him if you like and bring Osborn back into midfield,the one who runs around like a headless chicken all game and does nothing much other than to turn backwards and a full circle every time he sees an opponent in front of him.
Hes just a scapegoat on here because of the fee.
Someone posted Peles debut was the best he'd ever seen,well that really is having a laugh.
Bottom line is we've got a few good payers but we aren't a consistent team
Massive clear out in the summer twenty players need to go

15 Mar 2019 15:29:12
Agree with some points but none of the team played particularly well apart from comeback, pele , as for carvalho 13 million price tag people hold over him it wasn't him who decided he was worth that type of cash we sold Burk for stupid money that he wasn't worth . But over this season theirs been a distinct lack of quality that is needed to go up to prem at the start of the season most of supporters said be happy with a top half finish but in o Neil we trust coyr

15 Mar 2019 16:03:06
You mean we are actually paying Murphy?

15 Mar 2019 16:19:57
Carvahlo just can't cut it over here it happens to the best of foreign players vice versa when some of our good players go to play abroad hopefully marankis will sign him for olympiacos in the summer where he will probably do well get a majority of our investment back so Mon can invest wiser that simples

15 Mar 2019 17:48:43
Totally agree skeggy jay, FF799 it's not the fee I'm hanging over him I just don't think he's shown me he can cut the mustard. Far too weak for English football and would be better suited in a slower playing league. It's just unfortunate that not only has he got the burden of having a below par season he's got the burden of a hefty price tag. I hope he proves me wrong but I bet if you asked him he wudnt be happy with what he has done on the pitch and knows he should do better.

15 Mar 2019 17:59:39
Ff779 it’s amazing how where carvallhos concerned it’s always the fault of the players around him , surely he is the playmaker who should make the players around him look good not vice verca

15 Mar 2019 21:22:00
Stevie you can't play Murphy or ansafarad in,they haven't got the pace?

15 Mar 2019 21:39:04
Here's a question then Stevie?
Who would you keep and play week in and out next season?
Just asking

15 Mar 2019 21:48:15
I tried to be really nice but lol we are paying 13 million pound for a bloke because he ain't that young to run around like a headless chicken he his crap lol

15 Mar 2019 22:20:25
Ff79 and the rest who have expectations of carvalaho. He just has not got it. He was a reserve player at Benfica for a reason. He has no pace, has no idea of what is required at this level. He is no kid, he is 22. Cash and yates are younger and are so much stronger physically and mentally. When carvallaho took that free kick from lolley i thought your having a laugh and the resulting ball in the wall said it all. I may be out on a limb but really the carvallaho deal stinks of agents and despersation. Normally a player who comes with such promise has a USP so with no ability to take a man on, no pace no power is a fancy flick a sign of greateness??? We were sold a pup just like the other two. Its like B&H in the mike Bassett film. Honestly.

15 Mar 2019 23:06:35
Thing is rutland,he has got talent.
Problem is every time we lose a game fans on here want to blame someone.
Pants,who I'm not a fan of has been great under Martin untill the villa game,he was single handily responsible for two goals,had they not gone in we'd not be talking calvahalo,but he was a freebie and best to have a go at a kid who had no choice in his transfer cost?
Like I say kick him out bring king Osborn in see what the improvement is?
Can't wait ?

15 Mar 2019 23:12:39
LMFAO like it Rutland my Corby pal😂😂😂

15 Mar 2019 23:19:52
Yep Rutland they play European champions league football and he's 21.
Just remember you don't see him week in and out either.
Can you remember him tearing villa apart at their place?
Only for the defence and his countryman figs to let him down with there defending?
Also until he came on against hull it had nil nil written all over it,
Get over your hatred of him ,he's know where near the worst we have

15 Mar 2019 23:52:11
Ff779 how can we ignore we nearly tripled our club record fee on this bloke?? All of our record signings come with high expectations, that’s football ,have a go at Osborn if you like he cost us nothing and is a good character who always gives it all, nobody is suggesting he’d win a ball juggling contest but he’s honest as the days long,carvallho simply gives possession away too often and I don’t think we’ll she him here next season, the odd decent pass and goal aren’t a good enough return on our investment,,the Portuguese lads at wolves seemed to settle pretty quick , but that’s probably because they are quality players who soon justified their fees

16 Mar 2019 00:05:52
Ff779 meant to say mate with all due respect you’re playing the blame game too , blaming all the other players for not being good enough to make ‘ carvallho look good,

16 Mar 2019 10:02:59
Ff79. Its not hatred for Csrvsllaho is just a nailed on fact that what ever talent he has its not enough at this level. Like i say its infuriating when he tries the glory flick when posession is crucial. His lack of pace and strength just mean everything has to go his way. I feel for the lad i really do. But like the rest of the 3 that came here, too lightweight and frivelous with possesion.

16 Mar 2019 11:42:48
Carvalho is our most creative player and was targeted by Villa on Wednesday which stopped us playing. The fee is a red herring no -one can seriously suggest that Burke is a better footballer for the money?

When you see what bids come in for Grealish and McGinn he will look cheap

Our problem is that if teams can deny Carvalho and Lolley possession then we struggle to get our passing game going.

You will only appreciate his talent when we have a top class mobile striker playing up top and more pace and power in the front six. Robbo and Webb did not exactly hit the ground running when they first got into the side but then if they were playing for the first time today they would also be getting binned off by the armchair instant gratification brigade?

Go find someone else to pick on!

16 Mar 2019 12:34:00
RIE, When a player is more interested in trying to pull off fancy flicks and tricks than he is passing the ball to another Forest player in a good position, or even trying take on the opposition and beating them what is the point, there is a time and place for the fancy stuff he has to learn to get the balance right. Carvalho also has to start being stronger when challenged.

Some say forget his price tag, the fact of the matter is the more you pay the more you are entitled to expect otherwise why spend that big in the first place.

16 Mar 2019 13:07:56
If we sell him I can guarantee we will regret it. Get mobile wingers and a striker and you will see him flourish. He has real ability. He still needs time to adapt and improve (for example he needs to get on the ball more and draw fouls) but you can see his talent.

16 Mar 2019 14:27:09
Hopefully krankie will find a new club and buy him 😁



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